Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer is here!

What a busy time it has been here at DRBC! Adoption season is in full swing, and our event schedule has picked up also. We have been working on quite a few medical cases, and continue to see turn ins at an all time high.

We have a few announcements this week. There are a few days left on the shoe drive...if you still have any shoes laying around you would like to donate, we can still accept them for a couple more days. Here is that link:

Also DRBC is forming a new type of foster team, the DRBC IVDD Rapid Response Team. Do you have experience working with doxies on a medical level? Would you like to help a doxie that has gone down return to a walking state? Well have we got a job for you. Please complete an application and make a difference today; there is nothing quite like it! Here is that link:

We would like to give a big welcome to several new members of the DRBC family! Here they are:

There is a new boy on the block here at DRBC! SAFE from NY's worst shelter is little Jasper! What a mess. He has bad oral disease and is so thin you can count his ribs. Worst of all, we have been asked to hold off on treatment as he is listed as 'found', had a chip and the shelter is looking for his owner. No worries. We have had him checked and will not deny care.

These two little girls have just come to DRBC. Meet Winnie and Aria. Just 3 yrs old, they have so much life ahead of them. Please say hi and know that as they are a bonded pair we will not separate them ever. 

There is a new pupper here at DRBC. It is little Pippa. She lost her home after seven years, but is safe now with us. She is terrified, but her loving foster home is working to gain her confidence. 

Want to send our new pups a starter gift? Maybe a new harness or leash? Just follow the link and help welcome them to the DRBC family. Thanks Gang! Click here to donate!

This one's for the Winnie lovers. Winnie asked us to give an update on her life and share some great news. One of Winnie's fans made her a prayer blanket and even sent a medal to bring her strength. She is so appreciative and is already using it! Winnie is not improving, but this little girl owns our hearts and so we are not giving up. Winnie will travel to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital on Monday to see Dr Eric Glass, renowned neurosurgeon to try and get a handle on what is going on with her. We know this means an MRI at the very least and potential surgery downstream, so please put aside a few pennies for Winnie and watch for her fundraiser next week.

As always we will keep you posted on her progress and hope that soon this little one is zooming around in her cart again. Please send love to Winnie as she is very sad these days and could sure use it. Thanks Gang!

We have an exciting update on Andree. He is up running, yes, not just walking, is rolling in the grass and is gaining weight!  Best of all the continued treatments on his rump have reduced the mass size by about half. Everyone here is shocked and oh so happy. Please continue to support Andree with some more positive vibes, prayers and shout outs!

We have news on Anastasia. Her blood work is back and she is still battling her IMHA [Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia]. The good news is that her weight is coming down and her mouth is no longer as sore. A step at a time. She needs your support!

Great news on Scooby! He continues to improve and has fared the best of the NY3! He still has come a long way and still has a ways to go including a dental reconstruction, but his spirits are high. Please keep a good though, send a prayer and positive vibe and join the NY3 effort if you have not already. Yeah Scooby!!


We have exciting news on the adoption front for our puppers, starting with Hank and Holly! They have found their forever home and could not be more excited! Olivia has also found her forever home. She has a new brother to teach her the ropes at home and will be loved to bits forever and ever! Way to got Oliva!!

We've had quite a few check - ins this week from our alumni and their furever families.

This just in from is good! Pop just got some exciting news too. His Mom and Dad love, love, love him but wondered just what kind of doxie mix Pop really is. They got the results following a DNA test and pop is 50% Chihuahua, 25% Shorthair Dachshund and 25% Herding/Terrier Breed Mix (undetermined exact breed). We knew there was a doxie in there!! Thanks for sharing Pop! Please join us in celebrating Pop's Doxie heritage! Way to go Pop!

Look who is checking's is Devi! This little guy came to us with a case of kennel cough so severe we ended up at NorthStar VETS. He was thin and frightened too. Now check him out. Happy, healthy and sleeping doxie style with his brother! Way to go Devi!

Here's Joey & Jessie. These two guys waited for over 2 years to find their forever home and now they are living the life!! We are thrilled for them. Way to go guys!

Look who popped in to say is Kaylyn! She has a new name now; it's Ruby! She is loving her new life and had to stop by for the one year anniversary of her gotcha day. We are sooooo happy for her! Please put your hands and paws together in celebration for this little girl and give her a big round of love too! Yeah Ruby!! We still love ya!

Cutie of the Week

Lastly, we have sad news to share. Two members of the DRBC family have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the last few weeks. We honor their memory here, and leave you with this. Until next week, gang.

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of George from Dachsologie. DRBC has long been a fan of this beautiful boy and we are honored to give him a rainbow paw as he makes his journey across the bridge. Over the years we have shared many of George's insights and pictures with all of you and so it seems right that we share the news of his passing with you today. 

The tears abound here at DRBC as we share the news of Stevie/Lindo's passing. This was the youngest of the three doxies pulled from NY.  He stopped urinating and was rushed to the vet, but the level of blockage caused by long term neglect and lack of veterinary care forced us to let him cross the Bridge. 

We are very sad and are comforted only in the fact that this little guy knew love before he passed. Our foster team made sure he had food, treats, warm blankets and soooo much love. He passed from his pain being held by loving arms.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Limited Edition T-Shirts are Here!

Welcome to this week's edition of The Doxie Blog. We have an exciting announcement we just can't wait to tell you about! The 2016 DRBC Limited Edition T-Shirts are here, and ready for order! We have a really fun design this year, with an option for crew neck or ladies V neck.


Remember, once the ordering period has closed, the design is gone forever. Get yours today by visiting and hurry before it's too late!

It was a big weekend for the shoe drive as supports came with lots of shoes. We will do an updated count soon, but we are getting closer and closer to our goal! You can still be a part of this amazing fundraiser!! Talk to friends, relatives and neighbors this weekend and get those shoes to us!

Want to learn more? Just follow the link!

It's crazy how time flies. Summer is almost upon us and the influx of doxies to DRBC is on the rise. Couple this with a need for our current fosters to take well deserved vacations and you have the perfect recipe for a crisis. We all know that need not be, with just a little help from you folks out there.

We know many of you are on the fence and certainly fostering is not a shortcut to adoption, but please, please think about opening your heart and your home to those in need. There is no cost to you for anything. Put a smile on a doxies face today by making the decision to foster! Just follow the link below to sign up and don't forget to love and share!

We love to hear from our previous adopters and we just received this exciting news about Devi! He is doing great and is seen here catching some rays with his new brother Bentley!! He looks great and is having lots of fun and getting lots of love in his new forever home. Thanks for checking in Devi!!!

Stevie Ray (pictured on right) settles in to his foster home.
Next in our pupdates are the New York 3. These three were pulled from the NY Shelter after being found as strays. First up is Scooby. We have raised the Orange Paw for him! This little guy is battling his way back to health one day at a time. Anastasia is still hanging in there, and we should have an update on her soon. Last up is Lindo; he has a new name: Stevie Ray! He is miserable, but improving and we are hopeful as the meds have started to kick in and relieve his pain.

Today Stevie Ray has a BIG wish. He would like a halo harness so he can walk around safely. We are not going to increase the cost of the fundraiser he shares, but we are hoping this will encourage some of you to come out and support this little band of misfits. 

Please, if you can, give a donation today. Caring is easy and tax deductible. Just follow the link:

It is a really big day for Pop! He has found his forever home! We still remember the day Pop reached us. Emaciated, sick and dejected. We opened a can of puppy food on the spot and he devoured it. Well time has passed and with the right feeding schedule, love and lots of prayers, this little boy has made it all the way back! Now, the best news of all, he has a forever home!! Pop we are soooo happy for you. Way to go Pop!!

We have some good news on Winnie, although we are still very concerned. Winnie has improved slightly and is now able to lift her head. It is still bobbling around some, so we know we have a long way to go with this little girl. Please continue to send her love and prayers as she recovers ever so slowly. We love you Winnie!


Thanks for joining us this week! We will leave you with our Smile of the Week, and hope it brightens your Sunday. Stay tuned for updates, and see you next week!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

National Adopt a Pet Weekend

Welcome to The Doxie Blog! Adoption season is in full swing, and did you know, it is National Adopt a Pet Weekend! Please consider rescue for your next pet. Here at DRBC, we have plenty of pups in need of a furever home. All you have to do is fill out an application, and bring a new family member into your home! Want to learn more? Follow this link to learn more about the DRBC adoption process!

In our updates this week, drumroll please........ 1000 is the new Shoe Drive Total! Keep in mind that this is the total on hand at DRBC Central, so if you have dropped at a satellite drop spot we may not have that yet! Let's keep the momentum going, as our Shoe Drive has been extended. Want to get involved? Talk to your neighbors and friends today, and visit to find a drop spot near you!

We're also still seeking a Transport Coordinator. Are you great at organizing stuff? Do you have some time to help the Foster/Adoption Team get movement scheduled each week? Have we got a great job for you! Reach out and lend your skills and get puppers needing transport routed to Central for adoption and out of bad situations to Foster Care/Grandpaws homes.

This Team Leader will:
Have great communications skills
Enjoy troubleshooting and planning
Be a people person

Email us at to learn more today. WE NEED YOU!!!

Next up, our Pupdates! It was a busy week for us here at DRBC. Not only did the NY3 arrive safely, but along with them, so did this little guy! Named Remen, we have shortened it to Remey. Very, very thin, very frightened, but SAFE! Please give a warm welcome to Remey as he joins the DRBC family.

Ruby and Oliver joined us as their Mom had to go to assisted living. Poor Oliver is suffering with a little known disease called Acanthosis nigricans causing thickened skin and yeast infection. Fortunately he has his sister and they will get the love and attention they need until they find their forever home! We love ya Ruby & Oliver!

Want to welcome our new pups to the family in a special way? Follow the link and help them get a new collar, harness and tag. Nothing like a new set of things to begin a new life. Hope you can help Gang!

SAFE!!!! This little girl arrived as part of the NY3 and was seen by our veterinary team this week. She really needs your support. Her eyes are clouded over with infection and she has many mammy tumors. Yet the tail wags. That is a doxie for you; so sweet. Please support this fundraiser; we cannot help them without you! Just follow the link below to read their story, and support the NY3. Thanks Gang!


This week Winnie, one of our Grandpaws Dogs, gave us a scare. Before she came to DRBC, Winnie was shaken because she was slow to housetrain, and suffered neurological damage. Winnie has been with DRBC for some time, and gets around well in a cart. This week, she lost the use of her front legs. It has happened before, but it always gives us a scare. Thankfully,  she is becoming more responsive, has started to eat and is complaining away. She lifted her head and even sat up for a few seconds. We have no idea how much functioning will return for her, but we love and support this special little one. Please give a big round of love and prayer for her this week, she needs it!

Harold could hardly hold still as we took his picture. He has great news...he has a new home! We could not be happier for this little guy. He sure stole our hearts after his survival as Pit Bull bait. Now he will enjoy a loving home with loves of TV and belly rubs! Yeah Harold!!

That is it for this week's Pupdates. Stay tuned for more updates, and we'll leave you with the Cutie of the Week.

Meet Oscar. He turned 18 this week, so we've decided to give him this very special award. Yeah Oscar! Thanks for joining us, and don't forget to visit our Facebook page for up to the minute breaking news. Have a great week Gang!

Monday, May 9, 2016


Many of you followed the story of the NY 3 hoping against hope that they would make it to safety. They were dumped and were found as strays and were taken to one of the worst shelters in our region. The good news is that they are in route to DRBC, but the bad news focuses on their condition. Today they, and we face a new challenge, restoring their health.

Cute little Anastasia has severe eye disease. Her tear production is minimal and it is not known if she can see. Additionally, she has mammary tumors, severe dental disease and a pronounced heart murmur. She will require a trip to NorthStar VETS for her eyes and heart, and time at 4PAWS to remove her mammary masses and repair her mouth. We are estimating her care at $2225.

Scooby seems to have fared the best of the three, but he too has severe dental disease that makes even petting his head painful. He will also require blood work and a cardiac evaluation as a murmur was noted on arrival at the shelter. The ticket for his care will run about $1500.

Finally, there is Lindo. He is clearly in the worst shape of the 3. His eyes are completely closed over with discharge. He has the worst dental issues and may require oral reconstructive work. The infection in his mouth has led to open sores on his muzzle. Blood work, radiographs and surgery will leave DRBC with a bill in excess of $1750.
We are reaching out today to ask for your support in our effort to save these little ones. Prayers and well wishes are great, but they do not pay the bills. Please step up and make a difference. They so desperately need you. The intense neglect will take a tremendous about of medical skill and time to reverse and we know $5000 is a lot of funding, but we can do it if we all work together.
Remember, generous support is desperately needed and greatly appreciated. Like many non-profit organizations DRBC is a 501[c][3] operated solely by volunteers. We have been dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, re-homing and educating families about this breed for over 32 years. We welcome and need your benevolent tax-deductible donation. Please, help us to help them by following the link below.
We welcome you to stay tuned for updates. Until then, Anastasia, Scooby, Lindo all the rescue doxies and the DRBC Team thank you.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day from DRBC! Today we honor all the pet moms out there, especially rescue moms. We wouldn't be here without you. So thank you, and today, we honor you!

This week brought us good news in the number of pups we sent on to their forever homes, but also sadness in the number of dogs we were contacted about taking in. We open today's blog with a plea...will you consider opening your heart and your home to the pups pictured below? These dogs were dumped at one of the region's worst kill shelters, and are now on the euthanasia list.


These pups have no hope unless we add to the DRBC foster family. If you have ever thought about fostering, today is the day. DRBC provides the medical treatment, food and placement assistance. You provide the water, some training (with our support) and most importantly, LOVE! Fill out a foster application today, please help us help them!


Let's meet some of the new additions to the DRBC family. Say hello to Andree. He is heartbroken. He came to DRBC after an incident with a toddler. Sadly, the family turning in decided to rip him not only from his home, but from his litter brother. Andree is 13.5 yrs old and he is saddened and confused. Our hearts break with him. We are reaching out to try and get his brother but only time will tell. Today we ask that you send Andree your love and support. Hang on Andree, we love ya.

There is a new little boy in the DRBC family. His name is Dachs. He tipped the scales at over 35 lbs, but we will get him down in no time using the DRBC Diet and lots of love. Please help us welcome him with a big round of love!

Otis is safe! Sadly, he is very frightened. Dumped at one of the worst kill shelters in our region, this little boy does not know what happened to him. He needs your prayers and positive vibes. We love you Otis; it will get better.

Want to welcome Otis, Dachs and Andree to the family in a special way? Follow the link and help them get a new collar, harness and tag. Nothing like a new set of things to begin a new life. Hope you can help Gang!

Look who stopped by to say is Hunter! He sent over his Easter picture and it sure made us smile. 

We are happy to say we have lots of adoption updates this week! Check out all the pups below who have found their furever homes! Congratulations to all the pups below and their new families!


Don't forget, we are still collecting shoes for the DRBC Shoe Drive! Our organization will earn funds based on the number of pairs collected as Funds2Orgs will purchase all of the donated goods! We can't miss!! All donated shoes will then be redistributed throughout the Funds2Orgs network of microenterprise partners in developing nations. Funds2Orgs helps impoverished people start, maintain and grow businesses in countries such as Haiti, Honduras and other nations in Central America and Africa. Proceeds from the shoe sales are used to feed, clothe and house their families. If you live in the NY/NJ/PA/DE area, please follow this link to learn more about where you can drop off your shoes. Thanks gang!

Last but not least, we leave you with our Cuties of the Week. 


That wraps up this week's edition of The Doxie Blog. Please enjoy the rest of your weekend, and stay tuned for updates. Thanks Gang!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

We Need Your Help!

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week's Doxie Blog! Well, we think that the warm weather is finally here to stay. With warmer weather comes some logistical challenges here at DRBC. First, adoptions are up, and that means we need to move our pups around for meet and greets! Also, vacation season will be starting soon, so we will need to have temporary placement for our dogs while their foster families are away for a short time. With that in mind, we have 2 positions we're looking to fill here at DRBC.

Our first position is Transport Coordinator. The Transport Coordinator will be responsible for mobilizing our Transport Volunteers to get dogs to meet & greets, medical appointments and more.

This Team Leader will ideally:
  • Have great communications skills
  • Enjoy troubleshooting and planning
  • Be a people person

If you have a few hours each week, and would like to donate your time to a great cause, we need you! Please submit an application at

Our next position is Temporary Foster Home. If you are able to foster on a short term basis, for 1-2 week periods of time, we could greatly use your help! We provide the food, you provide the love and shelter. This is a great option for anyone who would like to explore the world of fostering, or for someone who can't commit to extended stays. Every little bit helps! Please fill out your application at today! Just make sure to indicate that you are looking to be a Temporary/Vacation Foster home. Thanks Gang! 

We have another request this week that we're hoping you can help out with. As many of you know, DRBC rehabs quite a few IVDD puppers. Well today we are hoping some of you can help out with a donation of Huggies Diapers, Size 2 or 3. We think Huggies work best, but really can use any brand.

Please mail or drop to DRBC Central: 

Dachshund Rescue of Bucks Cty & NJ
181 Gilbert Drive
 Morrisville, PA 19067

And now, on to our Pupdates! Great news on the Precious front - she is doing well! This little girl and her Mom were attacked while out for a walk. Mom lost part of a finger and Precious was pretty beaten up, but both are on the mend today. Please send some healing thoughts as their recovery continues. Hang in there Precious!

We also have an update on Piper! This little girl came to DRBC last week in a very bad way. She still has a long way to go, but medications, crate rest and love are making all the difference in her world. How about some get well wishes for this little girl as she continues her healing. You can do it Piper!

We have the most exciting news for little Hogan today! He has found his forever home and earned his Gold Paw!! He and his new family, which includes two greyhounds, get along like carrots and peas! We are so excited for all of them. Yeah Hogan!

Big news for this big guy! Maui has found his forever home! He is still working on his weight loss and is ecstatic to join his new family! Yeah Maui!!

Big news for Mr Cody! This guy weighed over 30 pounds when he came to DRBC. Diet, exercise and love made him one handsome dude! This happy little guy found his forever home! Woo-hoo! 

We have 2 new puppers to welcome to the DRBC Family. First up is Fred. Harassed by the neighbor kids, Fred turned and nipped. The sticks and stones got to him. This poor little 11 month old pup does not know what hit his world. Fortunately, DRBC was there to help. Fred is here and is getting all the love he needs. We love ya Fred!

Lucky is one of the little souls we gave the green light to pulling into our care. Thrown over a fence, the neighbor then wanted to hit him with a tire iron. He escaped and we stepped up to get him out of a terrible situation. He is safe today and getting lots of love and care now. Please give a big round of loves to help welcome Lucky to the family. We love ya Lucky!

Want to welcome Fred and Lucky to the family in a special way? Follow the link and help him get a new collar, harness and tag. Nothing like a new set of things to begin a new life. Hope you can help Gang!


Look who is checking's Brandy!! This little girl came to DRBC completely paralyzed so this picture is really a big deal. We are thrilled to get this news! Please know that with the proper care, time and work doxies do recover from IVDD! Wow Brandy!!!

Well, on that note, we are heading out for more meet and greets today. Please wish all our puppers luck as they continue the journey to find their furever homes! See you next week. Thanks Gang!